Why Hiring a Professional to Assist in Your Estate Planning is Worth the Cost

Written by: Sally A. Clark -LDA with DP Legal Solutions June 4, 2018
When the important time comes to make decisions about planning for the future of your estate it shouldn’t come as a surprise that having professional assistance will save you money, and will also assist in making sure that there are no issues that could potentially come to bite your family down the road.
Cost is always a potential factor in making a legal decision, but what should also be included is the time and effort it’s going to take to ensure that the process is done right and the peace of mind that comes from the certainty that your wishes will be carried out. While it may seem be cheaper to purchase a packet of documents at your local office store, or use some sort of online tools, in the long run, it could cost you hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on if there were any errors or mistakes made.
Therefore the simple answer as to why you would NOT want to do your estate planning yourself is that even if your particular situation is simple and uncomplicated there are many things that could go wrong. Those plethora of potential pit-falls have the consequence that could end up costing you and your loved ones unnecessarily. The value in hiring a professional assures that you are making the plan you want, that it’s written under the strict guidelines of your home state, and will be sure to be done the right way.
Why would you want to jeopardize everything you worked for?


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